Focus : What I had I Lost

I am unable, utterly unable, to focus for long on any one project.  My first start-to-finish novel, The Editor, is in the rewrite pile of starts and stops.  The opening chapter sucks, big time, and every time I try to fix it, make it better, it somehow gets worse.  My first collaborative attempt at a mystery, a novel about 3/4 finished, one abandoned by all and recently picked up again by me IS my current focus.  My earlier “current focus” of the last month or so, the Chronicles of Irene, a true-life influenced novel, is on a back burner while I try to figure out why it fails to interest me.  I know it’s not the story — the woman lived an amazing life, if short, and abruptly ended.  So it must be the writing.  Do all writers bore themselves so absolutely at some point with what they once considered “compelling prose”?  Let me think.  Oh yes.  I have two other novels or novellas underway.  One a sci-fi murder mystery that works from pre-world history into modern day and back again . . . And another that is a collection of loosely connected short stories and under the head The Six Degrees Stories.  Most of the Six Degrees are now on the blog and most of my attempts to focus on Irene are at  As for memoir — oh my, I just haven’t been going there, except by way of poetry, at all lately.  I post poems at my blog  Obviously, I am scattered in writing, all over the place . . . This note is just to say: I know.

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