And Now It’s 2014

The truth is I have too many blogs! Here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog-blog and the writing is often “password protected” or “private” because either the work isn’t ready for “public” viewing or it’s too ready and hopes for an eventual placement with an outside publishing venue have made me wary of cyber-self-publication.

The True Life Adventures of Irene in White Tights finally made it into a publisher’s hands (Water Street Press). Due out sometime this year, this cross-genre novel has long been the source of all the frustrations and joys a parent endures as they watch and guide their offspring to maturity. It’s yet to be seen how she (the book) makes it in the real world. Fingers crossed she won’t stumble.

I came across a hard copy of the first draft of The Editor while moving out of my Cottonwood home in the fall of 2013. It was inside a five-inch deep cardboard box. The box was under an antique (meaning “rusty”) five-gallon tin that I’d used as an end table to support a lamp. (I tend to stack odd pieces of junk to create makeshift furniture in the same [or a similar] way I tend to stack overwrought sentences to create burdensome paragraphs.) My first attempt at novel writing, The Editor is complete in that it moves from beginning to end — and incomplete because the draft is only a first. Irene went through seven drafts and could’ve gone through several more if not for an agent who loved her as she was following draft number seven. I’ve no idea the number of drafts The Editor may need before she’s let loose on the world.

Susan Parker Says To Say Hello is a mystery novel in progress. Perhaps three-quarters complete, it’s a mystery that began as a collaborative effort with two other writers in the mid-nineties.  Abandoned by my colleagues, Susan Parker became a project of mine some years ago only to be abandoned, in turn, by me. But recently a friend asked me to submit writing samples to a writing group she belongs to in Orange County, California, and I sent a link to Susan Parker’s password-protected site. Who knows? Maybe Susan’s “Hello” will echo along the Ste. Joan Hotel corridors once again …

Then there’s the science fiction novel in progress: The Dalan Chronicles. It’s the novel I revisit when I want to have fun with a bunch of folks with the ability to “pytorate” and dwell within the living bodies of various residents of a place called Rumor, Wyoming.

Oh, and lest I forget, there’s another novel in progress called A Little Day Music with a totally negative and acid-tongued protagonist whose antagonists are the incredibly unlucky people who know her as “mother” and “grandmother”.

In the realm of non-fiction I’ve helped a few friends with their memoirs and recently started work on the compilation of what may turn out to be an “epistolary” memoir by revisiting close to 200 letters by and between my late husband, friends, family and me in 1966-67. Al and I married six weeks before he shipped out, a Marine Corps grunt, to Vietnam. His tour of duty was thirteen months. The letters reveal what it was to be stationed at the DMZ, what it was to be waiting for his safe return home, what children we were back then.

Poetry? Not so much in the last year or so.

Now, where shall I go today? Which old friend (or enemy) in what story shall I drop in on?

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