And Now It’s 2012

March 26, 2012.  The last line of the last time I posted asked when I might post again, how many years?  I can proudly say, only one.  Plus several months, nine to be exact.  It’s not like the time allowed gestation and growth of some great short or even long story’s birth.  Nor have I continued with any of my great starts on novel-length works.  Nor have I written any poetry — well, a couple here and there in the span of twenty-one months, but hardly one a day as I once spewed forth.

What’s up with that?

I am involved with some rewrites on the memoir of a friend and I’ve gotta say that spark is the only thing burning in my writing life.  Working out flow and tension and segues and such bring back the adventure, frustration, and delight I once found when writing.  Not that I do it well.  The thing is I do it, dress for battle in warm shawl and run head-on at the passive was’s and were’s and same-structured sentences, swinging out gerunds left and right.

I have moved two and half times since 2010.  I have fallen in and out of love.  I have planted a yucca and red petunias and watched pods of dolphins move northward along shore.  I have turned sixty-five and gained ten pounds and a new granddaughter.  Now.  She’s something to brag about, my Lulu.

If the words were just here, in my head, at my fingertips to say all I could, I would.  toodles.Image.


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